The AirNow Satellite Data Processor (ASDP)

  will be added to the current AirNow Information Management System (IMS; Dye et al., 2008) and will fuse NASA/NOAA satellite-estimated surface PM2.5 concentrations with surface measurements to create new, contoured Air Quality Index (AQI) maps. The new AQI maps will provide pollutant information in monitor-sparse regions (Figure 1).

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) AirNow program provides the public with easy access to national ambient air quality information using the AQI. The AQI is a standardized index for reporting air quality based on health effects for five major air pollutants: ground-level ozone, particulate matter (PM2.5), carbon monoxide (CO), sulfur dioxide (SO2), and nitrogen dioxide (NO2). AirNow presents real-time hourly AQI conditions and daily AQI forecasts by interpolating AQI levels to a grid and creating maps that cover national, regional, and local spatial scales.

Figure 1. Flowchart describing the ASDP including the pre-processing steps, fusion, and testing modules (where obs = observation data, sat = satellite data, and unc = uncertainty).

The production of AirNow AQI maps depends on the timely and accurate delivery of real-time air quality data on an hourly basis. However, significant gaps in the coverage of ground-based PM2.5, ozone, and NO2 monitors prevent complete nationwide mapping of pollutant concentrations in the U.S. When interpolated and contoured, AQI levels in regions far from monitors may have higher uncertainty.

Project Contacts

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John White Co-Investigator USEPA/OAQPS AirNow Program Manager
Phil Dickerson Principal Investigator USEPA/OAQPS AirNow Program Director
Dr. Allen Chu Co-Investigator UMBC OMI MODIS
James Szykman Co-Investigator USEPA/NASA/LaRC Satellite Team Lead
Dr. Shobha Kondragunta Co-Investigator NOAA/NESDIS GOES AOD GOME-2 NO2
Dr. Randall Martin Co-Investigator Dalhousie University Algorithms for NO2 and AQI forecasts
Dr. David Holland Collaborator USEPA/ORD Data Fusion Techniques
Dr. James Gleason Collaborator NASA/GSFC Principal Investigator for OMI NO2 measurements
Sonoma Technology, Inc.

Jennifer L. DeWinter
Patrick H. Zahn
Michael D. Haderman
Dianne S. Miller
Tim S. Dye

Running the AirNow DMC

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Develop the AirNow Satellite Data Processor